Vote Bounty Xiphos Exchange


Bounty event to support XGEN by voting on Xiphos Exchange.
📆This event will be held on November 9th, 2018 and we will inform you when it closed (to be announce).

1 Vote = 💰100 XGEN ($5)💰

Vote link:
Verification link:

How to join XGEN Voting Bounty?
1. Create account on Xiphos Exchange
2. Vote Next Generation (XGEN)
3. Capture your voting number
4. Upload your captured picture to any website or picture provider

How to claim your XGEN Token?
Fill XGEN Voting Bounty verification form
1. Enter your email address
2. Enter your email address registerd on Xiphos
3. Fill your voting number
4. Enter your captured picture link as a voting proof.
5. Enter your Waves wallet (Not Exchange Wallet)

– Each account only can vote once per day.
– No duplication of voting number or it will not be verified/counted.
– XGEN will be distributed to all participants two weeks after we end this event.